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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  May 18, 2016 3:59pm-4:29pm PDT

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>> and now, bbc "world news america." ♪ >> this is "bbc world news america." reporting from washington, i am laura trevelyan. one of the two buck -- one of chibok girls captured by boko haram is free. and in venezuela, we are there a midst the action. how are the police going to stop the protesters? for now, the police and the army are on the government's side despite opposition. sharks forhing science. we will take you on board tracking one of the ocean's most mysterious predators. ♪
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welcome to our viewers on public television in america and around the globe. schoolgirlshibok kidnapped by boko haram militants two years ago has been found. confirmed thermy teenager with a four-month-old baby was rescued. the first since they were abducted from a boarding school. correspondent: at last, good news for the relatives in chibok . >> members of the civilian joint samboa haven rescued one of the chibok schoolgirls. correspondent: one of the missing schoolgirls have then found alive. she has already been reunited with her mother. initial reports say the civilian a youngund amina with
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baby in a remote area of nigeria's borno state. >> we were doing a normal patrol. we discovered one girl. she is one of the abducted chibok girls. identified chibok her. certain.lutely it is not coming from our area, this is coming directly from the people who are affected, and they would never lie. correspondent: this is the school from where 276 schoolgirls were seized in april of 2014. they were taken at night and loaded on trucks into the sambisa forest. , but 219umber escaped have been missing. the schoolgirls were seized by this jihadist group, boko wrong,
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which has been trying to establish an islamic state. the group has skills thousands of people and of ducted -- and of ducted -- and abducted hundreds across nigeria. there have been glimpses of the missing students. the last is this video believed last a small group of missing students stated their names and confirmed they were from chibok school. the nigerian military put out a statement saying its troops rescued one female student. having been heavily criticized for failing to locate the students, it will be keen to tell the world it helped save her life. uction started a massive campaign and the #bringbackourgirls went viral.
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for one family the wait is over. the hope is that more relatives will have a chance to be reunited with their children. will ross, bbc news. spoke withmore, i the director of the atlantic council of africa's center. one girl has been rescued out of the more than 200 kidnapped. would you describe this as a breakthrough? >> it is a breakthrough, and it is a glimmer of hope for family still waiting for their daughters and sisters to be found. we have to be realistic. it has been 2 years. the territory that boko haram diminished.en much there is a very small area, and the likelihood of finding many more in this diminishing area diminishes as well as the group has been dispersed. laura: the girl was found in the sambisa forest, in the north of nigeria.
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this that provide a lead for the nigerian army? forestnow the sambisa has always been a stronghold for boko haram. no longerhat they control even the perimeter, and the fact that this girl and her child were able to wander off says something against the group. i would caution. the military success means the group is reinventing itself. it has been proven, historically, to be resilient. they are adopting suicide bombings. the number of suicide bombings carried out by the group has gone up fivefold. the number carried out by children, unfortunately, has gone up tenfold. trya: will president bihari to claim this as a victory. he has moved against boko haram, despite everything you are talking about. >> it is a victory. we have to acknowledge the successes that have happened
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under the president bihari successes come at the tail end of the president goodluck jonathan administration. they have been increasing in terms of weapons being shipped and fighters going further afield. they are also growing more dangerous. laura: they're sending fighters to libya. they said that was feared. >> there seem to be evidence, whether the fighters are going there for training or deployment, we don't know. the links are more than virtual. laura: the girls attracted worldwide attention with michelle obama having a twitter hashtag. what about the nigerians abducted by bogota iran we don't hear about? >> that is the tragedy. some managed to escape in the early days, but over 200 are missing. that is not even 1/10 of the
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nigerian women and girls kidnapped by the group, not to say anything about the boys that have been forcibly grabbed and drafted into the militant terrorist group. there are literally thousands of people whose lives have been stolen by this terrorist group. laura: thank you for joining us. there have been clashes on the venezuelan capital of caracas between our testers and riot police. say they have enough to force a referendum against the president, president maduro. in the middle of this deep economic and political crisis in venezuela, the thet-wing opposition and clash is being exposed. we have antigovernment supporters calling for a referendum, a recall referendum against president nicolas maduro
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. they say they have enough popular support for the president to be removed from office. theasn't long before standoff was broken. opposition supporters, angry they were not being allowed through heavy police lines. they say the government of nicolas maduro is increasingly dictatorial. they want him to be removed by emergency decree. this regime will not bring us to .ur knees, she said ignoring the obvious peril as riot police primed their weapons. she said her three children left venezuela, but she vowed to remain. pro-government loyalists, including the motorcycle collectivos were belligerent. they were bent on destabilizing the socialist government.
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>> they want our wealth, they want to privatize our country. we are ready to fight on the streets to defend the revolution and the mandate of our president, nicolas maduro. correspondent: with both sides refusing to back down, confrontation was perhaps inevitable. this is now a game of cat and mouse. heavily armed riot police want to stop the protesters. and army arepolice on the government's side, despite opposition. teargas,n see, grenades, a lot of heavy ordinance is being used. dennis leyla, caracas, is incredibly tense -- in venezuela, caracas, is incredibly tense at the moment. they have seen rocketing inflation.
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there is a need for dialogue and south america's most unstable nation. laura: a dramatic day in venezuela as the discontent interrupted. in sri lanka, rescue workers are using sticks and their hands to dig through enormous piles of mud. families are missing after landslides. 130 people remain unaccounted for. 37 have died. landslides in the this rugged part of central sri lanka have caused this side of the hill to fall away, leaving only a gash. trees crashedd onto three small villages. some houses have been buried, others have been flattened. the once fertile farmland has been transformed in a matter of hours into a sea of mud. people have been rescuing what little they can.
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the army and air force has been called in for relief and rescue. is a precarious operation. rescuers are having difficulty getting heavy equipment to the worst hit places. away from the hills, low-lying coastal areas are flooded. they are also seeing fatalities. ,he president flew into kegalle where the landslides have brought have it. >> the priority is to find people missing and provide facilities to those who are displaced. we are taking that responsibility and doing all we can as a government to look after them. correspondent: more than 300,000 people have been displaced from their homes and are crowding into state run centers like this one. with the dams is so full, there is a risk of further flood damage if the flow of water is regulated. with even the railways
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underwater, normal life across much of the island is disrupt the. -- is disrupted. laura: french media say the last testament has been discovered. it was written by a suspect in the brussels bombings in march. abrini, the man and a hat, attempted to erase the document found on a computer. it suggested he approved of the paris attacks and wished to die a martyr. that its concerned found discrepancies in the way it has been testing vehicles, though it denied making its cars appear more efficient than they were. the president and mrs. b she is stepping down after the company admitted to manipulating fuel economy data. ours clapper says indication is that hackers have tried to target the candidate in the presidential election
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without giving further detail. officials have identified china as the source of attacks on democratic and republican presidential candidate in the last elections. more drama on the campaign trail itself. bernie sanders says he is not going anywhere until the last ballot is cast. tensions are rising between his supporters and those of hillary clinton. donald trump is looking ahead to election, meeting today with henry kissinger to talk foreign policy and rolling out a list of potential supreme court nominees. do not know how you keep up this pace. >> it has been fascinating. this is such a unique election. has been an extremely busy day. there he is meeting with the grand old man of republican foreign policy and rolling out a
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potential list of supreme court nominees. is he trying to appeal presidential while democrats are slugging it out? >> absolutely. there are so many questions that have come up in the last week. can he do the job? you have a former defense secretary, bob gates, saying he doesn't know if donald trump can do the job. you have other grand old man of the party saying is donald trump capable of being president? he's trying to show that he can be presidential, do the job, and be a commander-in-chief. laura: he made nice with his one-time foe megyn kelly. will that help them with women voters, something you have written about extensively? >> it will help bridge gaps, but he has a huge amount of distance to go. polls show him 50 points to 70 points down with women. going on one show with megyn kelly and talking for 15
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minutes, making nice, will not bridge that. laura: what are the national polls telling us about him versus hillary clinton? should she be the nominee? >> all the general election polls show hillary clinton winning. there are surprising places of strength. one poll showed him winning amongst latinos, which surprised people in washington given comments about how illegal immigrants are racist and murderers. there are poll showing him stronger in areas where democrats are getting nervous. he could play strongly in the rust belt areas. laura: hillary clinton narrowly lost inentucky and oregon. how long will this go on? primaryll it the zombie because it is almost impossible for bernie sanders to be the nominee. people are going through the act of voting and people are getting
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their voices heard, which is great for the democratic process, but you have to think about party unity. for thes it risky democrats that it is so divisive? >> to be fair, in 2820 had barack obama versus hillary clinton that went until june. there were women throwing themselves on the chairs because they said they would never vote for barack obama because he was taking votes away from a woman. they came together, they will come together again. laura: you are watching "bbc world news america." still to come on tonight's the drought is taking its toll. the lack of rain posing a serious threat to people's way of life. underdogs like esther city --
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leicester city are taking their victory lap in thailand. exploded following their cinderella success. it was an early morning arrival at bangkok airport. fansed by handful of thai and officials of the company which bought the club six years ago, which could hardly have expected this success. >> we are champions. correspondent: the notion of this famous trophy being held by a thai owned club is still sinking in. it has made vichai srivaddhanaprabha a household name. two years ago, he promised to
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spend big and the hope of building a team that could finish in the top five of the premier league his players have more than rewarded that hope. this was his moment to show them off to his own country and savor a victory that almost no one thought was possible. the quality of time football has -- the quality of thai football has improved thanks to new investment and a growing and a loyal fan base. to pump moneyg into younger players. perhaps now is the moment that thailand can fulfill the dream of becoming one of asia's football giants. jonathan head, bbc news, bangkok. ♪
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laura: the self-declared republic of somaliland may not be internationally recognized, but it celebrated 25 years of independence from somalia. with a population of three million people it sees itself as a place of stability in the turbulent horn of africa. is long-running drought taking its toll with many in need of humanitarian aid. camels arent: drought resistant, but try conditions have threatened their survival and the horn of africa. these are skin and bones with little milk for their owners or their young. communities in rural somaliland need livestock for meat and milk . even for cash if they sell them. goats, sixost 40
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camels, and a calf. the rest are weak and sick. they are of no use to us. correspondent: not far away in another homestead, the stories are just as graham. -- as grim. it is the worst drought in her memory. i had 200 goats, sheep, and camels, she says. now there are only 2 left. the region's vast expanses have been parched because of poor rain supply. it is causing a threat to the livelihood of these pastoralists . there has been rain here, that that is they are is -- why there is greater he. it has also washed down the carcasses. a sign of how harsh the drought
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has been. the people fear that if the rainy spell does not last, they might lose more of the livestock they depend heavily on. the rain it should come as a relief. it has brought hypothermia and disease, killing even more animals. to be done tohas keep animals alive, including vaccinations and treatments. the livestock is in terrible condition. there are many that depend on livestock and they have lost so much that there is not enough livestock to sustain them in the future. in the groundre has brought hope for farmers. the few that can afford it pay tractors to till their land. it could be the lifeline they need in these conditions. bbc news, somaliland. laura: from the lack of water to animals that call it home. chris fisher grew up in louisville, kentucky.
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led into ahe water fascination with sharks. he leads an organization dedicated to tagging the ocean's most mysterious predators. we spoke to him during an expedition off the coast of florida. where trying to solve a 400 million-year-old puzzle. our large idea where sharks are mating, giving birth, or their full migratory range. no one has poured the oceans into people's life since cousteau. i was young enough and dumb enough that i thought i would try to bring the oceans into people's lives. one scientist after another, no matter what they studied, they all caps talking about sharks. they started saying they were losing 100 million sharks a year for sharks and soup in china. that they are the lion of the
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ocean, the balance keepers. if they are removed, the second tier predators wipe out the food chain and the whole thing implodes. i say let's manage our sharks back. where are they mating and giving birth? let's facilitate their driving -- they're thriving. we will now catch a white shark in 30 minutes. when they take the bait the rope is in the guys hands. we control the bite. that is huge. you only want to hook them in the corner of the mouth. we have a cervical hook that will roll -- we have a circle hook, and we have minimal impact. people.a crew of the unique asset in the lift on the ship allows us to pick up the 4000 pounds animals and give scientists their first aportunity to stand next to live specimen, leverage the latest technology to solve the
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puzzle of its life, let it go, and track it. that brain the practical world of professional ocean people together with the academic world is powerful. the world on age fishermen's story. we have to learn what has never been learned at a rate that has never been achieved. we should be afraid of an ocean without an abundant supply of white sharks, not a notion full of white sharks. laura: his work on researchers his work on research to help researchers learn more about the white shark. there's more on our website, including our top story, the rescue of one of the chibok girls in nigeria. on twitter, i am @lauratrevelyan . thank you for watching. please, tune in tomorrow. ♪
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